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Capay Farms was established in 2011 as the orchard management organization for Violich Farms and other local orchard owners.  The main office is located just North of Hamilton City on County Road 9.  The team has approximately 13 office/management staff and close to 120 field staff.  Capay Farms is solely responsible for managing all of Violich Farms acreage in the Glenn, Butte and Tahema county areas.  Capay Farms provides healthcare benefits to all its employees including field staff.

Under the guidance of Capay Farms, Violich Farms has been a true innovator in the almond and walnut industry. They were one of the first farms to implement an aggressive water-monitoring program.  Utilizing technology from PureSense and ClimateMinder, Violich Farms now has more than 60 water monitoring sensors that ensure the most efficient use of water resulting in higher quality crops, greater yields and lower operating costs.  An added benefit is that by monitoring irrigation and preventing over-watering of the trees, Violich Farms is doing its part to protect California’s valuable water resources.

In addition to water monitoring, Violich Farms utilizes a comprehensive soil nutrition system.  Using the most up-to-date research regarding soil composition including PH and chemical balances, Violich Farms regularly tests its soil and replaces vital nutrients.  Optimizing soil nutrition produces a more consistent, higher quality eating experience for consumers of Violich Farms almonds and walnuts.

Capay Farms has a very progressive energy utilization program.  Currently, close to 60% of their irrigation pumps operate using natural gas. They contract with a third party supplier to ensure low market prices.  Capay Farms also employs several solar strategies to irrigate the Violich Farms orchards as well as shop operations.   Capay Farms works closely with Pacific Gas & Electric to deploy energy efficiency programs in their pest management, irrigation, nutrition and equipment management program.


Violich Farms was founded in 1987 with the purchase of a 200 acre ranch on which to grow almonds.  Over the past two decades, Violich Farms has become one of the largest growers of almonds and walnuts in the United States.  Today, operating on approximately 9000 acres of company-owned and leased land, Violich Farms is privately-held and generates annual revenue of approximately $50 million.

It is rare to find large sections of contiguous farmland in Northern California.  Violich Farms is fortunate enough to own Capay Ranch, one of the largest plots of adjoining acreage in the area.  With more than 3,800 acres, Capay Ranch allows Violich Farms to more effectively manage their farming inputs and labor resources, providing a lower cost of goods and a distinct competitive advantage.

As one of the largest land owners in the Chico area, Violich Farms is also committed to giving back to the community.  Each year, Violich Farms donates generously to local Northern California organizations.  In particular, they are committed to providing funding for the arts and education.  On a national scale, Violich Farms is dedicated to our nation’s men and women who are currently serving or who have served our country in the armed forces.  A portion of donations is given to charitable organizations that are providing support to servicemen and women and their families.